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MMD Systems, Inc. is a vertically integrated technology company specializing in the Eye care industry. What is "vertically integrated"? Our organization includes both hardware and software engineering capability. We can consultdesign and deliver complete solutions tailored to your needs. Our training and consulting staff can teach you how to use our solutions for best results.  Our support deparment will maintain the technology for maximum use. 

MMD Systems is the Premier dental technology provider for Community eye Care Centers.

MMD Systems is designed to meet your  "single source"  IT needs. Please enjoy the site and feel free to let us know if you have any questions.

The Gazelle Cloud Computing Platform is the answer to your dreams! You don't have to have computers to be automated anymore! Simple terminals (appliances) that you plug in and turn on take the place of your desktop computers. You don't need servers either. You use ours. No, you don't have to buy software and you won't ever need a computer tech in your office again! What do you give up? Nothing but the cost and aggravation. 

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MediaDent® SQL EDR "Electronic Dental Record" is our Flagship product. It has just been  re-written and released as version 9. You will find that it incorporates not only the most modern features such as a full digital imaging capability in the graphical chart,  direct email integration in the Front Desk screens and many other features. More importantly we have made them easy for staff to learn and use. Mediadent EDR will save your staff time and its many management functions will allow you control and awarness you never thougth possible.

Reading can be informative. We have placed a lot of information on this site for those that prefer to study first. However, some of us prefer the visual approach. "Show me first and if I am interested then I will dig deeper".  Just email us via the  Contact button on the menu above or call 877-867-5017 "option 2" and request a live online demonstration/consultation. 

Call activity is very high due to the release of Gazelle Cloud Computing.
Please leave a message if necessary
. We will respond promptly!

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