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What Is Gazelle

Traditional computing is changing rapidly.  The move to remote computing has become main stream.  Remote computing, often called ASP “application service provider” has been around for some time. The concept was simple but the bandwidth (access to the internet) needed for modern Windows based applications wasn’t readily available to small businesses. Additionally, the raw computing power to enable this was technically very complicated and expensive.  

 Enter Comcast, Road Runner etc. very high bandwidth is suddenly available to most small businesses at reasonable cost.

Microsoft and others release Virtual Server solutions enabling far more efficient use of the new more powerful servers. One physical server can now be configured to be 2,4,6 or more virtual servers. This lowers cost by allowing the Cloud providers to configure hardware to meet your individual needs.  Previously a physical server had to be dedicated to each business entity. Virtualization changed that.

Virtual servers also allow more efficient use of power, require less “rack space” at the secure site and less cooling. All of these significantly lower operating costs for the Cloud provider. We are able to pass that savings  on to you.

Why is this just now available to dentistry when it has been available to other industries for several years? Terminals could not use USB devices like sensors, scanners, signature pads etc.  These were must have items for a dental office. MMD Systems, “Mediadent” has developed the technology to do this. Your terminal can now do anything your PC can do.

How does this affect the dental office?

You now have a choice. 

1.       Buy computers and servers every 4 years or so. Deal with the issues of each workstation having its own operating system, hard drive, controller, application software, updates and backups /restore tests
2.       Simply log on to our servers with your existing PCs as terminals. When they fail replace them with a small solid state appliance that is plug and play. We do all of the items in #1. You click an icon and enter your user name and password. The software looks the same and works the same.

 What are the benefits other than significantly less cost?

  • Our secure site in Atlanta, GA houses multiple redundant servers.
  • Our servers are maintained by Dell factory trained technicians
  • All operating system and application updates are performed on our site
  • Full compliance with the new ARRA 2009 and 2010 HIPAA requirements
  • Remove the possibility of viruses, spyware, malware
  • Positive control of internet use to prevent abuse
  • Multiple channels to access your data with complete security

The benefit to you is a professional  IT department providing you the ultimate in reliability.

Costs savings will vary but can be significant. Stress savings are the added bonus. 

 “Cloud Computing” is the next step. Individual businesses shouldering the cost and responsibility of owning and maintaining their own data processing equipment is quickly becoming a thing of the past. Someday many of all of the dental software solutions will offer this solution. Today, only one has solved the technology issues and built the infrastructure to make it a reality for dentistry NOW.

Are there additional benefits to Cloud Computing? Yes. the increased connectivity to resources like electronic prescriptions and other services will increase office effectiveness.

Is your data separate from everyone else’s? Yes. Can you have a copy anytime you want it? Maintain a real time copy on a PC in your office? Yes.

We realize that you will have a lot of questions about this new solution. Your account manager is ready to discuss it with you or prepare a quote and a cost comparison.

Reducing expenses and increasing productivity are goals we all constantly strive for. MMD Systems, Inc. is proud to be at the forefront of this next plateau in business development.



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